Lunch Menu - includes a starter, main course, drink, and dessert or coffee.

12.00 “Blue Ocean Camp” MENU
          Dinner Menu - includes a starter, main course, drink, and dessert or coffee.


12.00 Goat Stew (or roasted)
12.00 Octopus "Ropa Vieja" (chickpeas and octopus stew)
12.00 Paella or Rice with vegetables


  3.50 Soup or Cream of the Day
  5.00 Olives and cheese Tapa
  4.00 Potatoes with Mojo sauce
  6.50 Tomatoes with olive oil and oregano
  6.50 Mixed Salad
  8.50 Mixed Salad with Chicken
10.00 Salad "Blue Ocean Camp"

  1.00 Bread
  2.00 Bread with aioli/mayonnaise and/or butter


Ask for additional dishes on the menu.

  6.00 Vegetable Fajitas
  8.00 Meat and vegetable Fajitas
10.00 Special meat Fajitas

  8.00 Scrambled eggs with vegetables
  8.00 Vegetable sauté
  9.00 "Ropa Vieja" (typical Canarian stew with meat)
  9.00  Rice "Moros & Cristianos" (with black beans)
  9.00 Cuban style Rice
  9.00 Watercress soup with "Gofio" (toasted corn floor)
  8.00 Vegetable lasagna
10.00 Meat lasagna

Following dishes are accompanied by a choice of garnish:

  9.00 Meatballs
10.00 Pork stew
10.50 Beef stew
10.00 Larded meat
10.00 Minced meat with carrots and sauce
10.00 Pork sirloin

10.00 Curry chicken
  9.00 Breaded chicken breast
11.00 Chicken with mushrooms sauce


  3.50 Mixed (ham and cheese)
  3.50 Tuna & Egg
  3.00 Vegetable
  5.00 Chicken "Special" 



  5.00 Continental Breakfast
  9.00 Full breakfast "Blue Ocean Camp"


  1.00 Small bottled water
  2.00 Large bottled water
  2.00 Soft drinks
  2.00 Energy drink
  2.00 Beer - variety
  3.00 Craft beer

  1.50 Coffees
  1.50 Infusions

  3.00 Natural juice (according to seasonal fruit)


  3.00 Glass of red / rosé / white wine or Cava
15.00 Bottle of red / rosé / white wine or Cava


 Rum, Honey Rum

  1.50 Shot
  3.00 Glass
  5.00 Mixed with Soft Drink

Amaretto, Baileys, Whiskey and many more

  2.00 Shot
  4.00 Glass
  6.00 Mixed with Soft Drink

20.00 Bottle of White or Golden Rum
25.00 Bottle of Whiskey
25.00 Bottle of Gin
50.00 Bottle of Black Label Whiskey

All prices in EURO € incl. IGIC (VAT)

Blue Ocean Camp also offers a Mini-Market to buy essential items.