Welcome to the Blue Ocean Camp – Camping Tasartico!
We wish you a pleasant stay!

Rules & Relevant Information:

: The key is exposed at reception.

Check In/Check Out: Check-in to your accommodation will be from 14 h - 22 h, and check-out until 11 h.

At the end of the stay: Please leave your accommodation or plot in good conditions. Guests are responsible for any damages.

Keys: Please hand in the keys to hyour accommodation at the reception desk on your departure.


- Eco-Domes, Camper Van XXL, Cabañas, Huts and Hostel: There is running light 24 hours.

- Camping Plots: Phones and electronic devices can be charged via USB plugs.  220V electricity is restricted 24 hours.

We are committed to an environmentally friendly solar system, we ask for your cooperation:
Mobile phones and electronic devices can be charged in the USB sockets of the Camping plots, inside the restaurant, and on the restaurant terrace. Charging of van batteries and the use of appliances that consume too much electricity (fridges, electric irons, hairdryers, etc.) is not allowed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rest: Quiet hours are from 23h​ until 8h, during which time it is not permitted to make any kind of noise or use any kind of music equipment. We also ask you to respect the rest of the other guests during the day.

Pets: Pets are allowed in the Camping Pitches.
Price per pet/stay: 10€.
A responsible declaration must be signed at Check In. 
Pets are not allowed in the pool area and inside the restaurant. 
Pets must be under control or leashed and always accompanied by those responsible for them, who will take care of their needs and will be responsible for them at all times..

Swimming pool: Opening hours: from 10h until 19h, please shower before entering the pool.
Children: must be accompanied and supervised by parents or guardians at all times in and around the pool. In case of accident, Blue Ocean Camp declines responsibility to the parents.
The use of glass, balls, inflatable mattresses and floats is forbidden, except for lifejackets.

Barbecue: The time limit is at 20h, all barbecues must be switched off by 20h. You may only use your own barbecue in the area of your pitch.
The use of the barbecue on the restaurant terrace is not allowed.

Toilets: The service block is located in the building upstairs at the end of the main street and have showers, toilets, and sink areas.
There are toilets located between the reception and the restaurant - please do not enter wet.
Please dispose of toilet paper in the rubbish bin and not in the toilet.

Rubbish: Small rubbish bags can be placed in the bins in front of the reception.
Large rubbish bags: please dispose of them in the rubbish bin area at the entrance of Blue Ocean Camp.
Please do not litter or throw cigarette butts in any area.

Security: Please do not leave valuables unattended. Blue Ocean Camp is not responsible for lost property.

Good Neighbors: We thank you in advance for your kind and respectful interaction with all neighbors and guests.
Any guest who violates the rules of the management or disrespects social interaction will be asked to leave the premises.
All ball games are forbidden on the premises.
Care must be taken to maintain and look after the facilities. In the event of any incident, please inform reception.